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SA818F Handheld Steam Mop
SA818F Handheld Steam Mop

SA818F Handheld Steam Mop

174 USD
SKU: SA818F Handheld Steam Mop
MPN: AntsguardSA818F
Brand: Antsguard

The Smart Handheld Steam Mop uses only continuous high temperature steam (120°C) to clean and sanitize ceramic floor tiles, vinyl and wood laminate floors.

Product Description


2 in 1 Steam Mop with Detachable Handheld Steamer

One-button start, adjustable suction

Power Cord 5M (Visible Length 4.8M)

Carpet、Tiles、wooden floors


Handheld Steam Mop

Antsguard Smart Handheld Floor Steamer can be used as a multifunctional steam mop for all kinds of floors, such as hardwood floors, laminate floors, marble, tiles.

High temperature steam deep cleaning

The powerful 1300W high temperature steamer provides powerful natural steam within 15 seconds to easily remove stubborn and sticky stains. The Steam Jet feature delivers concentrated steam directly to remove stubborn stains and remove grime, grime, mud and stubborn pet stains from hardwood floors. Class 3 steam cleans hard floors for a fresher, healthier environment with no harsh chemicals.

Ideal for Kids/Pets/Yoga Lovers

Our 2 in 1 steam mop requires no harsh chemicals, just pure water, 15 seconds to warm up 400ml of water and let the steam out, sure to provide home Friendly environment.


1) 220-240V,50Hz                                                                             

2) 1300 watt of power                                                                       

3) Capacity of water tank 400 ml                                                         

4)Extra long steam time up to 12±2 minutes per refill                                                                                   

5) 180° swivel head to get into tight spaces and under furniture                                                                                             

6) Ergonormically designed handle to reduce hand and wrist stress                                                                                                     

7) Quick release cord wrap for user's convenience                                                                                         

8) Power Cord 5M (Visible Length 4.8M)                                                                           

9) Delay to using (how long it takes to starts the use):about 15 seconds                                                                             




MICHAEL YABER - 2022-02-08T16:02:20+0800
Nothing to say about cleaning the carpet, it sucked clean. All kinds of animal hair and hair can be sucked, even taller cabinets that are difficult to clean, as well as under the bed and window sills. With one charge, it can easily clean about five rooms, and the appearance is also very high. I like it very much.