stick vacuum cleaner

Are wireless home handheld vacuums really convenient to use?


If you’ve ever skipped vacuuming (maybe for weeks at a time) because your heavy, bulky, plug-in vacuum feels like a huge burden, a cordless vacuum could be a life-changer.

Most cordless models are skinny, lightweight, stick-style vacuums that many people find to be comfortable to use, even on stairs or in cramped spaces. When you get the urge to clean, you can just pick up the vacuum and go: You don’t need to unwrap a cord, find an outlet, and deal with tangles and snags. And because cordless vacuums are compact and often packaged with either wall-mountable charging docks or a floor stand, it’s common to store them in plain sight. All of that lowers the barrier to actually using your vacuum, so you might find yourself cleaning more often—and living with fresher air, tidier floors, and cleaner feet as a result.

Cordless vacuums have been around for a few decades. But up until a few years ago, they were all weak cleaners meant for easy tasks like sucking a few crumbs or a tuft of hair off a bare floor. If that’s the role you still want your cordless vacuum to fill, you can choose nearly any cordless vacuum, and it’ll work fine. 

But today, some cordless sticks are good enough to be the workhorse vacuum in a lot of homes, digging dust and grit out of thick rugs, keeping up with hairy pets, and packing enough battery life to handle sprawling square footage.

As a bonus, most modern cordless stick vacuums can also transform into handheld vacuums, for super-convenient above-floor cleaning (upholstery or ceiling cobwebs, for example) and car cleaning.

Plus, cordless vacuums tend to be easy to maintain. They’re almost all bagless, and they typically come with filters and brush belts that are meant to last the life of the vacuum. They also come apart in several key places, so clogs are easy to clear. A two-year warranty is the norm in the industry (though there are some exceptions).