stick vacuum cleaner

What are the most basic criteria for a good handheld vacuum cleaner?


To measure the quality of a handheld vacuum cleaner, the most basic are the following three aspects!

1:Battery Life

 Arguably the most important thing to look for in a stick vacuum is its runtime. You should know, however, that the runtime denoted actually applies to the vacuum when used at its lowest speed setting. Choose a stick vacuum with a battery life that will accommodate the size of your home. Vacuums can have a runtime as short as 20 minutes, while others can last for a couple hours. If you live in a studio apartment, those short-running vacuums will do you just fine, but that same vacuum probably won't do you any good if you live in a huge home. Another thing to note is that some vacuums will also come with an interchangeable battery, essentially doubling its runtime but adding extra stuff you need to store.

2:Dust Bin Capacity

Every stick vacuum has a different dust bin capacity, which can influence which stick vacuum you buy. For fewer trips to the trash bin, opt for a dust bin with a greater volume. Smaller dust bins are fine if you have less area to vacuum, but it will be annoying to frequently empty the bin when you live in a larger space.


Pretty much every stick vacuum will come with additional attachments whether it's to use on furniture or to turn the stick vacuum into a handheld vacuum. Go through the attachments that come with the stick vacuum you want to make sure they'll actually be of use to you. Otherwise, you're paying for bells and whistles and nothing more.